2021-05-28 祝福语




  Children's day is coming, wish you like a child lively and lovely, honest and kind, like children, like children pure curiosity, like children's day day up. But can't naughty, no night urine kang!

  2. 做一次深呼吸,呼出一口浊气,吸入一股灵气,纳入天地的清风。就在今天,不再察言观色,不再瞻前顾后,给快乐放纵的空间。儿童节快乐!

  Take a deep breath, and breathe out a polluted air, inhaled a reiki, into the breeze of the heaven and earth. Just for today, no longer sense motive, no longer have to look, happy to indulge. Happy children's day!

  3. 岁月流逝,淡忘了儿时的记忆,繁华落尽,远去了旧时的困惑,转眼间我们已经长大,在岁月的路途中我们并肩一起走,好朋友儿童节快乐!

  In the childhood memories, time passes, the prosperities, far away the old confusion, we have grown up in a twinkling of an eye, in the way of time we walked together, good friends happy children's day!

  4. 六一儿童节,愿永远保持纯真的童真,与快乐相抱,烦恼赶跑,幸福永绕,开心相拥,吉祥永罩,祝你儿童节快乐,象孩子般的笑口常开。

  June 1 children's day, wish to keep innocent childlike innocence forever, embrace with happiness and troubles away, and happiness, happy, good luck forever, I wish you a happy children's day, smile like a child.

  5. 儿童节行为规范:早上可以赖床;吃饭可以淘气;不乐意就大哭;见谁不顺眼就咬谁;最重要的一点,见着我的短信必须开口笑一笑。六一快乐!

  Children's behaviour: can stay in bed in the morning; Have a meal can be naughty; Don't want to cry; See who is not pleasing to the eye just bite; Most important, see my message must smile a smile. June 1 happy!

  6. 生生不息,永不停息,年年不息,岁岁不息,儿童是最珍贵的天然资源,儿童是最丰富的`物资财产,儿童是希望,儿童是梦想,儿童节快乐。

  restless, year after year, children are the most precious natural resource, the child is one of the most abundant material property, children is the hope, the child is a dream, a happy children's day.

  7. 宝宝乖乖,手机开开,短信来来,值此六一儿童节到来之际,特意向广大的中老年朋友,青少年朋友,以及小朋友放一天假,愿你开心过节日!

  Baby darling, mobile phone open, the message to, on the occasion of the arrival of the June 1 children's day, specially to the middle-aged and old friends, young friends, and children take a day off, I wish you a happy holiday!

  8. 给你做了件时髦时装:衣裤一体,背带设计,搭配肚兜,裤腿超短,内有开叉,透气透风。请穿上参加儿童节时装表演,保证性感十足!

  Has done you a trendy fashion: clothing, harness design, tie-in chinese-style chest covering, exceed short legs, there is split, breathable drafty. Please put on for children's fashion show, to guarantee the sexy!

  9. 花也笑,树也笑,今天的风景真热闹;樱桃熟,燕子叫,水果送到你的小书包。愿你天天笑哈哈,好听的歌声飘出小嘴巴。祝:儿童节快乐!

  Flower also smiled, the tree also laugh, scenery is quite lively today; Cherry ripe, the swallow called, fruit to your small bag. Wish you laugh every day, leave little mouth nice song. I wish: a happy children's day!

  10. 童心不泯,天天开心!

  Heart is still, every day happy!

  11. 愿幸福甜蜜蜜、快乐乐陶陶。

  May happiness sweet honey and happiness be covered.

  12. 儿童节快乐、开心永远永远。

  Happy children's day, happy forever.

  13. 童趣童真回归,扬眉开心开味!

  Tong qu tong zhen regression, eyebrow happy taste!

  14. 六一儿童节,愿快乐为你呈现!

  June 1 children's day, may happiness present for you!

  15. 愿你永驻花般笑颜!儿童节快乐!

  You would like to spend as smile! Happy children's day!

  16. 预祝老小孩们节日快乐,无忧无虑!

  Wish old children a happy holiday, so carefree!

  17. 儿童节玩得开心,老顽童快悦舒心。

  Have a happy children's day, the old urchin yue shu xin.

  18. 儿童节,祝你重回童年,快乐相连!

  Happy children's day, I wish you were a boy again, connected!

  19. 儿童节,愿你保持童真的心,露出率真的笑!

  Children's day, I wish you to keep a childlike heart and show a frank smile.

  20. 愿你像孩童般开心,像孩童般幸福!

  May you be as happy as a child and as happy as a child!

  21. 祝你童颜不老,生活幸福美好。

  I wish you a good face and a happy life.

  22. 六一儿童节快到了,愿你保持幼稚享快乐。

  Children's Day is coming. May you keep your childhood happy.


  23. 儿童节到了,愿美好的回忆永远留在你的记忆中!

  Children's Day is coming, and good memories will always be in your memory.

  24. 儿童节,愿你放下包袱,简单生活。

  Children's day, wish you to put down the burden, the simple life.

  25. 儿童节到了,送你一颗快乐的童心!

  Children's day is coming, send you a happy heart!

  26. 愿你拥有儿童般的快乐,幸福常驻。

  May you have the happy like children, permanent happiness.

  27. 送你一颗童心,愿你烦恼少,快乐多。

  Send you a childlike innocence, let you worry, less happy.

  28. 像孩童一样攀爬楼梯,攀上人生的顶峰。

  Like a child to climb stairs, climbing the peak of life.

  29. 愿你怀着一颗童心享受生活,收获快乐。

  You would like to enjoy life with a childlike innocence, happy harvest.

  30. 六一儿童节到来,愿你年年岁岁是童年。

  June 1 children's day is coming, wish you are many, many years childhood.

  31. 童年是美妙的,充满自信;童年是最开心的,无忧无虑。童年是花朵,童年是种子,充满生机,富有活力,追忆童年,回味童年,快乐儿童节!

  Childhood is wonderful, full of self-confidence; Childhood is the most happy, carefree. Childhood is a flower, childhood is the seed, vibrant, energetic, recall childhood, childhood aftertaste, happy children's day!

  32. 六一到,快乐绕,发短信,送祝福,祝愿你,童心葆,心情好,无烦恼,童真在,乐开怀,童趣有,无忧愁,童颜留,健康有,儿童节,快乐多。

  Children, happiness around, send text messages, send blessings, wish you and childlike innocence remains, in a good mood, no worries, childlike innocence, happy laugh, tong qu, no sorrow, dance the peacock, health, children's day, happy.

  33. 别那么小气,除了工作就是生气;别那么不开心,压力再大也要放松自己。六一儿童节,好姐妹和你一起回想记忆,放松身心,快乐开心一次吧!

  Don't be so stingy, in addition to work is angry; Don't be so unhappy, pressure again big also to relax. June 1 children's day, good sisters together with you to recall the memory, loosen body and mind, happy happy time!

  34. 想念你的心,想念你的肺,想念你穿开裆裤时的腿。祝福你的情,祝福你的爱,祝福你流鼻涕时的美。儿童节到了,愿你快快长大,开心快乐!

  Miss you miss you miss your heart, lungs and wear open-backed pants leg. Bless you, wish you love, wish you have a runny nose when beauty. Children's day is coming, wish you to hurry and grow up, happy to be joyful!

  35. 像孩童一样抹平细密的沙子,抹平忧伤。

  Like children recover fine sand, flattening of sadness.

  36. 收到我的问候一定要笑,赏你一颗糖哟。

  Receive my greetings must smile, enjoy you a candy.

  37. 祝福很真诚,你要很幸福,儿童节快乐!

  Blessing is very sincere, you have to be happy, happy children's day!

  38. 寻找童年最喜欢的颜色,装扮美丽心情。

  Looking for a childhood favorite color, dress up beautiful mood.

  39. 送你一只棒棒糖,让你的爱情充满甜蜜。

  Delivers you a lollipop, let you of the love is full of sweet.

  40. 米饭菜再香,没有胃口如何品尝;风景再好,没有心情也是徒劳。人生路漫漫,快乐不远不近,就在身旁!儿童节到了,送你一颗快乐的童心!

  Rice meal again, no appetite to taste; Again good landscape, not in the mood is useless. Life long, happiness is not far from near, in side! Children's day is coming, send you a happy heart!

  41. 美女穿超短裙是为了好看,帅哥穿夹克是为了更有范,老人家穿棉袄是为了保暖,你穿开裆裤是为了尿尿方便,祝六一儿童节快乐!

  Beauty wear miniskirt is to look good, the handsome boy wearing jacket is to have more fan, she wear cotton-padded jacket to keep warm, open-backed pants do you wear to urinate convenient, happy children's day!

  42. 宝贝真好,六一儿童节快来了;宝贝真好,你是爸妈的掌上宝;宝贝真好,上海世博有个海宝;宝贝真好,唱歌跳舞天天欢笑!

  That's very kind of baby, the June 1 children's day is coming quickly. Baby, you are the apple of my parents treasure; Baby is really good, the Shanghai world expo has a haibao; Baby, sing and dance every day laugh!

  43. 今天想吃就吃,想喝就喝,想咬谁就咬谁,想玩土就玩土,想玩水就玩水。六一儿童节,抛开一切的烦恼,让我们重温儿时的美好。

  Today want to eat eat, want to drink drink, want to bite whoever they bit, want to play will play soil, want to play water play with water. June 1 children's day, put aside all the troubles, let's remember the beauty of childhood.

  44. 六一快到了,让我们唤醒沉睡的童心,回忆遗忘的美好,丢弃成长的烦恼,找回快乐的珍宝。人老心不老,提前预祝超龄小P孩,儿童节快乐。

  June 1 is coming, let's wake up the sleeping child, beautiful memories forgotten, discarding the growing pains, find happiness treasures. Old heart not old, I wish in advance over age small P hai, happy children's day.


  45. 送你半只棒棒冰,好东西我们要懂得分享。

  Send you half ice pops, only good things we want to know how to share.

  46. 儿童节到了,老中青们,大大方方乐起来。

  Children's day is coming, to bring together, consumedly square square music up.

  47. 像孩童一样换上崭新的衣裳,换上好心情。

  Like children put on new clothes, put on a good mood.

  48. 保持着一颗天真善良的童心。祝节日快乐。

  Maintained a kind of childlike. Wishing you happiness during the holidays.

  49. 祝你永远拥有一颗纯真、快乐的童心!

  I wish you always have a pure and happy childlike innocence.

  50. 儿童节快乐,祝你永远保持一颗童真的心!

  Happy children's day, I wish you always maintain a childlike heart!

  51. 儿童节到了,愿你童心永在,开心常伴。

  When children's Day is coming, may your childlike innocence be always with you.

  52. 愿你拥有儿童般的快乐,幸福常驻。

  May you have children's happiness and happiness.

  53. 六一儿童节,愿你童心未泯,童言永驻!

  Children's day, may your childlike innocence be forever!

  54. 祝你儿童节快乐,身体永远健康。

  I wish you a happy children's day and a healthy body forever.

  55. 六一儿童节到了,愿你开心欢笑!

  Happy children's day. May you be happy and happy!

  56. 送你一只小风筝,放飞自己放松身心!

  Send you a small kite, fly to relax yourself!

  57. 做一个永远快乐的孩子,儿童节快乐!

  Do a always happy children, happy children's day!

  58. 小天使!妈妈永远爱你!儿童节快乐!

  Little angel! Mom will love you forever! Happy children's day!

  59. 朋友,愿你忘记烦恼,拥抱快乐甜蜜!

  Friend, you would like to forget the worry, embrace happiness sweet!

  60. 儿童节到来之际,愿你永驻花般笑颜!

  Children's day coming, may you be always spend as smile!

  61. 六一儿童节,让我们把更多的爱给孩子吧。

  Let's give more love to children on June 1 children's day.

  62. 六一儿童节,祝小朋友们快乐无比!

  Happy children's Day!

  63. 儿童节到了,祝你节日快乐,永远年轻!

  Children's Day is here. I wish you a happy holiday and forever young!

  64. 儿童节愿你童心童趣常相伴,开心快乐天天随!

  Children's Day wishes your childlike innocence and joy to accompany you every day.

  65. 六一儿童节到了,愿您天天开心,时时快乐!

  June 1 children's Day is coming, wish you every day happy, always happy!

  66. 像孩子一样活泼可爱,快乐无敌,开心无比!

  Like children, lively and lovely, happy and invincible, happy!


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